Bernåzone is a bespoke hacking + advertising agency that exploits cultural capital to elevate your unique personal brand.

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What we do

1) We accumulate Åzone coin to mobilize cultural capital.
2) We exchange cultural capital with your USD.

How it works

You purchase advertising space on our site.

We invest on the Guggenheim's Åzone Futures Market, until we reach the top of the leaderboard, elevating our presence and visibility.

Users who check the leaderboard will visit our site;
your media will be exposed to a very selective audience.

How to Participate

$1 = 1 advertisement for a minimum of 24 hours.

* Ads will be displayed for a minimum of 24 hours, then replaced with newly submitted ads in the queue.
* In the absence of new submissions, an existing ad will continue to be displayed.
* Advertisements will start within 6 hours of submission.

We assume NO responsibility for the content of submitted ads.

$1 = 1 advertisement for a minimum of 24 hours,
a maximum of eternity

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Who we are

Bernåzone was founded by
Edward Louis James Bernåzone in 2015.


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